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How to help

The bushfire recovery effort is moving forward. We are grateful to individuals, groups, and organisations in Australia and overseas for their help.

Thank you for your continued generosity.

I want to donate

Communities affected by the 2019-20 bushfires appreciate the generous support that has been provided by concerned people and organisations.

The Australian Government asks that you only make financial donations. This will help services deal effectively and efficiently with recovery on-the-ground.

For a donation to be tax deductible, it must be made to an organisation or fund that can receive tax-deductible gifts.

If you want to donate to bushfire recovery efforts, and make sure a charity is legitimate, we recommend you check:

The NBRA has collated a list of contact details for charities that:

  • can accept tax deductible donations 
  • support bushfire relief or recovery efforts.

The Australian Treasury, the ATO, and the ACNC has provided this information. 

Keep yourself safe from scams

There are many different appeals raising funds for people and animals affected by bushfires. Unfortunately, some of these are scams. 

Read more about identifying and reporting scams on our Fraud and scams page

I want to volunteer

Volunteering Australia has information for people who want to become volunteers.

GoVolunteer helps people to find volunteering opportunities that are available.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the volunteering organisations in your state:

I want to help wildlife

If you come across wildlife that has been injured or orphaned, follow the advice of registered wildlife carer organisations.

If it is safe:

  • loosely wrap the injured animal in 100 per cent cotton fabric
  • gently place it in a ventilated box, and
  • contact your nearest veterinarian or wildlife carer organisation.

Simple ways to ease stress on wildlife, whether you’re in a bushfire-affected area or not, include:

  • leaving water dishes and buckets in shaded areas, and
  • keeping your pets away from native animals.

You can see the list of contact details for animal welfare charities. These groups accept tax deductible donations to support the bushfire relief and recovery efforts. 

For state and territory contact details for injured wildlife, see our Wildlife page.

I want to join the NSW Rebuild Portal

The New South Wales Government has established a Rebuild Portal to connect individuals and businesses who can deliver goods and services to communities affected by the 2019-20 bushfires. The portal connects buyers and regional suppliers, and allows buyers to give local suppliers first preference to help local economic recovery.

Read more about the Rebuild Portal on the New South Wales Government website or call 1800 679 289.

I want to register a charity

Registered charities contributing to bushfire recovery efforts are listed with the Australian Treasury, ATO, and the ACNC.

We have a list of charities on our Contacts page. Charities on this list accept tax deductible donations.

Contact Treasury if you are an eligible charity that is not on this list, and you are:

  • are a registered charity,
  • accept tax deductible donations, and
  • support bushfire relief and recovery efforts.

Contact Treasury on email or visit the Treasury website for more information.