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Caring for Carers

Across Australia
A carer looking after local wildlife on the mend from the Black Summer bushfires

Volunteer wildlife carers have played an enormous role in the wake of last summer’s Black Summer bushfires. Many were involved with rescue operations at the height of the fires and many more have since helped with care and rehabilitation of our precious wildlife. But for some, the trauma of the bushfires has taken a toll.

With assistance from the Australian Government’s $200 million investment in bushfire recovery for wildlife and habitats, the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife teamed up with wildlife carer not-for-profit One Green Threads to create a free Caring for Carers program to support the mental health of more than 10,000 wildlife carers in Australia. 

This program includes online health resources, vaccination grants and a podcast series in conjunction with producer Gretchen Miller, wildlife carers and mental health experts, who share perspectives on climate worry, personal wellbeing, community conflict, catastrophic events, and supporting others.